15 November 2012

A quick note...

Last night we were having a wee bit of a jam at our apartment and one of the guys pulls out his phone to look up ukulele cords and the app is voice activated.  The conversation went as follows:

Guy 1 "uk'lele (the local way of saying ukulele) cords" nothing happens
Guy 2 "It's haole bra, you have to say ukUleleeee"
Guy 1 "ukUleleeee cords.... It came up!"
and we all had a good laugh.

Awesome I tell you.

I've been on cloud nine today - I got an 89% on my stats test!  Normally math comes easy to me but I've been struggling in stats.  I will feel like I'm understanding but I don't do well on the homework.  I'm finally starting to feel like it's clicking.

Tonight Angie and I went to the Ha Breath of Life night show at the PCC.  If you're ever visiting the PCC catch the night show - it's awesome.  Especially at the end with the fire dancers.

And.... I read this cool article about how to become like Sherlock Holmes.  I want to be like Sherlock Holmes.

I hope everyone is having a great night and may I add that I'm jealous to all those that went to the Breaking Dawn Midnight showing.  I'll see it.... eventually! :-)

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Laura said...

SO funny!! Congrats on your test. Love and miss your paradise lovin' self!!