04 November 2012

Time for a recap

Time is going by so fast and I'm just too busy to blog, so I thought I'll do recap posts here and there when I have time.  School is going well and we just finished up our midterms.  I can't believe I've been here for 2 months already... so fast.

Laura and Steve came for a week to camp on the North Shore.  I was able to spend some time with them.  It was a blast seeing them.  I camped with them for one of the nights, so now I can say I camped on the North Shore. :-)

We did the Makapu'u Point Hike where we overlooked a beautiful area, the lighthouse and walked amongst some WWII pillboxes that are left over and remnants of some not so left over.

We also did the Haunted Lagoon at the Polynesian Culture Center.

Next, I have already had my first tsunami warning & evacuation.

Angela and I are both transfer students and we're home alone working. Our roomie (who has been here for a couple semesters already) sent us a text that a tsunami warning has been issued. We live right across from Hukilau Beach so we know we're in the danger zone, but at the same time the alert had said the tsunami was expected in 3 hours. So we're like "when do we evacuate?" We text our roomie and she basically tells us NOW.

A few weeks prior to this we had a 72 hour preparedness lesson, do you think I created a 72 hour kit? Nope, of course I put that off. So I grab things that I think I'll need and as we're packing the sirens go off. That made everything a little more urgent for me.

We then rode our bikes inland to high ground which is a hill behind the temple. While we were there we saw several families with tents and tarps and we don't even have a blanket. We learned that neither one of us are very prepared.  On another note one of our neighbors told us that Chevron was packed and now I completely understand why my sister doesn't let her car go below 1/2 a tank.

Luckily it was a nice night and not raining, so we watched Captain America on Angela's laptop. The movie got over at 1:30 and we noticed a lot of people were leaving. I heard a guy say that it's ok to go back now, which was good cause we really wanted to go home. We then received official word that the all clear wasn't given, but it was safe to return to our homes but to stay off the beaches.

I have since gone to Walmart and purchased a few items and have started my 72 hour kit.

Next up is Halloween.  How many people dressed up this year?  I almost didn't.  Like I said earlier that time is flying by, I didn't go get a costume.  So I grabbed things I had and created a gypsy costume.  I know, I know.  It's a culture and not a costume.  And then I went with Angela to trick-or-treat with her classmate's kiddos.  We were more like extra an extra set of eyes.

Alyssa and Abby on the other hand, may have done some trick-or-treating.  Hey, you're never too old to go trick-or-treating as long as you're in costume.  Well, that's my philosophy at least.  One of the houses had BBQ hotdogs and made chili for the adults that were taking kids out.  You bet we took a hot dog.

On Saturday we went down to Kapolei to do the Color Run!  We had so much fun!!!

Here we are at the beginning - all nice and clean.

A quick shot after the 3rd K marker.

We're coming along the finish line...

Now, we're in the midst of the after party, which consisted of dancing and every 15 mins throwing color

The final throw... basically a "use all the color there is because there won't be another throw" throw

And by the time it's over we're not so clean anymore

So that's a quick recap and I've left a lot out but these are basically the biggest things.  I'll try and blog again..... eventually.

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Laura said...

I'm so glad you're having such a great time, and of course that you are SAFE. Love all your photos!! Keep them coming! :-)