06 May 2013

365 Challenge - Week 3

Here are the photos from last week for this challenge:

4/27/13 - I may have jumped for joy when I received a letter from Angela.  She is one of the nicest and funniest people I know.  Yep, her letter had me laughing.

4/28/13 - Steve, my brother, came to Hawaii for his birthday weekend.  We hung out with our cousins, Dani and Niki, in Ewa Beach.  Then headed to town to have dinner at Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber.

4/29/13 - I started my new job today!  I'm occasionally in the Student worker's office and from here this is our courtyard.  When I'm not working up there I work in the computer lab downstairs.

4/30/13 - Kids come play in our courtyard.  I just love it!  (I was trying out my manual settings on the plant when I heard their bikes come into the courtyard.  I swear this is not a stalking photo. LOL)

5/1/13 - Working on an assignment for my photography class.  I may have been given a weird look because I was sitting on the ground photographing a crayon and paper that was left behind.

5/2/13 - I had my first group tutor session tonight and it was for the policy class.  Glad to say that it went well.  :-)  Most of them met up with me again Friday morning before the test to do a quick review.

5/3/13 - This is the computer lab I tutor in.  When I'm down here prepping for a tutor session or doing my own homework I have to be careful, because those couches are extremely comfy.  In fact, too comfy.  Nap worthy comfy.

To be continued....

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Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE your 365 challenge! So glad you're doing this! Love you!!