13 July 2008

Day 6 of Batman

I'm still having an allergy attack or something... my throat still hurts, I'm congested and I keep getting these killer headaches. This seriously needs to stop....I can't be sick!!! Anyways onto the Batman is awesome post!!

Batman is awesome because he knows how to express himself and his feelings. (This lovely piece of fanart is done by lannakitty and can be found on her deviant art account.)

Isn't that picture awesome?! It cracks me up every time I see it.

Hopefully it's not too hard to read. The most important one is the very last entry that says "Forced to sing lounge songs" I bet it was Catwoman that forced him to sing the songs... she's probably the only one capable of doing it.

I'm now off to bed....


laura said...

That picture is HILARIOUS!! Hope you get feeling better!!!

The Steve said...

Here is a pic you need to post. It is awesome !