12 July 2008

Day 7 of Batman (and Comic-con)

The anticipation has probably been killing you, so I won't make you wait anymore here's the seventh reason that Batman is awesome...

Christian Bale plays him! I truly love Christian Bale (even before he was Batman.) Christian Bale is the BEST Batman in the history of the movies!! (In my humble opinion.) And I truly hope that the rumor is true that he'll be at Comic-con in San Diego!! (I'd really love to have a picture taken with him!)

Speaking of comic-con and moving away from Batman and onto another obsession that I have... If you couldn't tell from my widgets to the right hand side I'm a tad bit obsessed with Twilight. And I'm the reason that my sister and sister-in-law are obsessed (You ARE welcome!)

Well, the author along with some cast members and the director from the movie will be at comic-con and I'm SO going to that panel.

I had resigned myself to the fate that I'd be surrounded by giggling 13-year old fangirls and I came up with a plan! I would befriend one just in case the opportunity came for photos with actors, director, and author. I'd ask my new found friend to take my picture with them and I'd hope she wouldn't run off with my camera. Because I really love that camera. So now I don't have to worry about that plan because tonight my sister-in-law, Sarah, decided to take a little trip to San Diego and attend Comic-con on Thursday. (woo-hoo!!! We're going to have so much fun!) The whole way this came about was rather amusing even if my brother doesn't think so. But I'm way excited because we get to act like little giggling school-girls together!

Since the convention is basically sold out & she only wants to attend the panel she'll be in San Diego for a couple days and she'll do some site seeing on Friday while I'm at the convention center. We'll still have some time to bond so it'll be fun.

I'll have company the entire time now! The first two nights I'm there I'll be with Sarah and then the last two nights I'll be meeting two friends from Utah so I'll be with them. I'm way excited!

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laura said...

Ahhhh, Christian Bale.....