09 August 2008

Comic Con Part 1 - Wednesday

My sister has been bugging me about my blog and the whole fact that I haven't updated. I've been delayed because I haven't had time to sit down and crop my photos and all of that jazz. But then I started thinking, "If I do one post about Comic con that will be a MASSIVE post."

So I'm going to post in sections and I have time for that! Now, to grasp the complexity of the first day I'm going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a young married woman (who is the mother of three beautiful children.) She discovered a book series, thanks to her sister-in-law, that she fell in love with.

One day while out with the family at a pizza joint her sister-in-law and father-in-law were talking about Comic con. And a thought occurred to her, "I can go for the one day to see the Twilight panel." Her husband wasn't thrilled with the idea because back in April he wanted to attend Comic con and was told no. The sister-in-law was no help, "Sure you can. Thursday isn't sold out yet. Dad, can you look it up on your phone to make sure there are still Thursday tickets?" Needless to say the rest of the dinner was spent getting comic con and airline tickets for this young woman. (And it was a good thing too because Thursday sold out the following day.)

Now onto the first day...

Laura was kind enough to take Sarah and I to the airport Wednesday morning and my parents were kind enough to pick us up in San Diego.

Even the Marriott got into the spirit of things. I love Batman (if you couldn't tell...)

But I also love Transformers and when we were parking I spotted a tripped out Transformers car. I had to take it's picture! Sarah was kind enough to walk through the parkade with me. We finally found it and isn't it beautiful?

Man, I love geeks! We just have fun in whatever fandom we're in. Which will bring me to my next part of the story....

Since my Dad and I had a 4-day pass we were able to pick up our badges Wednesday afternoon and enjoy preview night Wednesday night. As we passed Hall H I noticed that there were people sitting below the sign that read "Hall H line begins here." I didn't think anything of it and I went ahead to pick up my badge.

But then I had a nagging feeling. Were people already lining up at 4:00 for Thursday morning panels? I wanted to confirm that the staff will not be clearing out the rooms between the panels, so I told my dad to find someone and ask them that; while I ran down to H from the E entrance to find out if there really was a line already. (Divide and conquer)

Sure enough they were in line (there were 5 people already) and they were going to camp out to see Twilight. "Brilliant. That's very smart. My sister-in-law and I may join you...."

I quickly call Sarah, "How far are you willing to go to see the Twilight panel? I'm game if you are. There are people in line already and they're camping out."

"Let's do it. I only came for the one day." Sarah quickly replied.

You may think that we were crazy to camp out, but then you just don't understand! (We are crazy... but it was FUN!)

To be continued......


laura said...

You guys ROCK!!

iCan said...

It's so nice to read your recollections of the trip! I remember when you guys stopped by and said you may be coming back to join us. It's nice to see pics of the other side of the story! I still have a pic of Sarah with her head propped on all of the books! Makes me giggle. I really did have a good time camping out with everyone...except the little cutter twit! ;)