09 August 2008

Comic Con Part 2 - Wednesday

This is my Dad and he wasn't pleased or impressed that Sarah and I were going to campout on the sidewalks of San Diego.

"How about you stay at your hotel and I'll come pick you up early, about 6 in the morning?"

"Nope that won't work. We need to camp out." He didn't really care for my response.

Sarah packed as quickly as she could. We had to get back to stake out our spots in line.

I'm all packed and ready to go!

We arrived at about 5:00 or 6:00 Wednesday evening... I can't remember. We met the people around us and they were very nice. They were from the TwilightMOMs website. (very nice people)

You know, people and their blindness to the obvious amaze me. We're right under the sign that says "Hall H Line begins here." So, obviously we're in line for Hall H. I lost track of how many times we were asked, "What are you in line for?" At first our answers were in detail, "The Twilight panel tomorrow morning in Hall H." And then they progressed to just "Hall H." My personal favorite response to us was, "You do know that room holds 6500 people, right?" My evil side wanted to respond with "uh.. You do know that we obviously want to be up front, right? But thanks for the useless information." But I kept it nice with a basic, "Yes, but we want to be up front."

We had a lot of people stare at us and take our pictures. So I decided to take pictures of people staring.

Honestly, you're at a comic book convention, you shouldn't be surprised by anything we geeks do! Honestly...

To be continued....

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