30 November 2008

Catch up time!

I've been a very bad blogger.

I never finished blogging my comic-con trip, I went to Forks again for Stephenie Meyer day, I went on a family history trip to Paris, Idaho with my sister, I met up with some friends in Vegas, and I did a mini family trip to Seattle.... all of which are not on here. Well, at least I did blog about my first trip to Forks. But I have a lot of catch up to do...

Which I'm starting now....

So here's the rest of Comic Con after the Twilight Panel -

We stayed in Hall H because Gerard Butler was in a panel at the end of the day, how could we possibly leave before he arrived?

We watched Wolverine vs the Hulk... the sound wasn't the best on it. But they did have Deadpool in it and I sure enjoyed him!

We sat through a panel with The Rock

And a panel that had Rain, he's a big Korean singer and he's in a new Ninja Assassin movie, which looked good but it's going to be a bloody one!

And then came Gerard Butler!

One of the ladies that we met in line, for the life of me I can't remember her name, was in line for Gerard and she brought with her the boxers he wore in 'P.S. I Love you." She showed them to us while we waited in line and they were awesome...

And may I say that he is so cute and funny!

To be Continued....

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laura said...

Glad you're posting again!! :-)