01 December 2008

Comic Con - Friday

Friday started off with me waiting in line to see the Ghost Hunters Panel. I was on my own this day because Sarah had left already and my friends weren't going to be there until Saturday. But that's ok, I'm a survivor!

I met a dude from Massachusetts while I was waiting for the Ghost Hunter panel, he later found out that his cousin made it into the room earlier and saved some seats closer up front, so he asked me to move up with him and I was like "Sure!" Closer to the front is always a good thing!

Sadly Jason and Grant weren't able to attend but Rob Demarest & Donna La Croix from Ghost Hunters International attended along with Jason and Grant's bobble heads. So they were there in spirit... no pun intended.

This was very interesting they discussed some items that are coming up... like how Barry is working on a way to do EVP work in real time. That will be very interesting to see. And other items that, and I quote, "Will blow our mind."

Someone had asked about weegee boards (I don't think I spelled that right) and Donna responded with "no... those welcome things that are hard to get rid of."

Rob told us a story at one time they were packing up and leaving a castle, I don't remember which country, but a voice was heard between him and Donna, "Get out of here." Rob told us he picked up his bag and said "You don't have to tell me twice." And he told us, "I don't know why the voice spoke English he just did."

I found out that they do the EVP session in the native tongue and in English, but they butcher the languages so bad that they get lost on the editing floor.

Oh, this is funny... someone had asked "Who has the best scream?" And they both agreed on Andy because he tries to debunk and when he can't debunk he screams.

Since there wasn't anything I was dying to do I decided to wait in line for Avatar the Last Airbender. I barely made it into the 24 panel, so I was in the back of the room. I moved up and got closer during the Prison Break panel. And when Avatar started I was even closer!

I really don't watch either of these shows but I did learn that when the show cuts to the White House that's when Jack is going to the restroom. Also that Jack can get through LA traffic in like a minute because of a helicopter.... yeah.

Avatar the Last Airbender is next...


laura said...

Yeah for Avatar!! :-)

Megan Diane said...

That's so awesome! Wish I could have been there. Oh, and we have all the 24 seasons on DVD if you ever want to borrow them. They are VERY addicting! :)