10 November 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Last night was our traditional outing to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I LOVE going to their show! They put on an amazing concert (pyro-technics, fireworks, a laser-light show & awesome music of course!)

My first time seeing them I was in SLC and I just fell in love with their string master. She rocked out on the violin just like the guys rocked out on the guitars!

But when the show started this year I noticed the string master was lacking some things and therefore was a dude. I was bummed.

But then a little bit into the first song they started lowering people from the ceiling and there was a female violinist among the guitars and I got all excited... but alas it wasn't her.

Don't get me wrong they both were very good and the show was still amazing, I really enjoyed it. But I just absolutely LOVE watching
Anna Phoebe play. (I really do hope that next year she'll be back on the West Coast tour instead of the East Coast.)

Check her out here

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