08 October 2008

Two things...

Through my sister I found this contest that I hope i win... but I'm not very good at winning drawings so it's a longshot. www.handbagplanet.com is giving 24 purses away on October 15th and I really want one. LOL


The second thing, I don't think I'm ever going to finish my comic-con write up.... I'm going to try but I can't promise anything. Especially since I've been back to Forks, Las Vegas, Paris (Idaho), and Seattle within the last month and a half and they don't have write ups.... I need to get on the ball here.



Ivon said...

It would great if you and your sister both won a purse. Good luck on catching up on reporting your trips.

laura said...

Pick one or two of your favorite pictures from your trips and write a post then just start from now and go forward. We have all the holidays coming up and Hershey trip... :-)

The Mulligan Family said...

Hi Stephanie,
I got your message. I will pass the info along to the other YaYa's. Unfortunately, I will not be able to come that night. I have to be up for work on friday morning. I need my sleep... I just don't bounce back as well as I used to when I was younger! Give my love to Laura! Cindy