03 December 2008

Last panels of Comic Con

Saturday I was able to meet up with my friends, yay! And I was able to finally take my time through the Exhibitors Hall and it was HUGE! The companies had way cool exhibits though!
I did see Tite Kubo (creator of Bleach) at the Viz booth but they were Nazi's about the no photography around their booth while he was there. I don't think he likes his picture taken. If you read Bleach, you know how he draws pictures of himself in sunglasses all the time, guess what he was wearing? Yep he was wearing sunglasses indoors while signing autographs. Honestly I did have a shot of him on the side of the booth where there were no security guards, but I decided to respect him and I didn't take a picture.

We had a fun time doing pictures...
I sure love geeking out with friends!
Later, we joined in on the last half of the 'Guide to the DC Universe' panel. I know le gasp, I actually went to a panel that had to do with comics at a comic book convention!

We went to the DC Animation panel that discussed the new Wonder Woman animated movie and Nathan Fillon joined the panel. It was a very fun panel and they showed us some sneak peeks of Wonder Woman-I would like to check this movie out.

We were one of the last people that they let in for the 'Creating Characters workshop.' It was very informative and the presenter was a good. I'm glad we were able to make it.

And I was able to make it to one of the costumer designers panels. The panelists have worked on Matrix, Speed Racer, The Watchmen, Spirit, The New Terminator and others

That night I wanted to go see the preview of the new X-men cartoon ("Wolverine and the X-Men") so we went ahead to the room and sat through the panel before it which was the Sara Silverman Show panel... not impressed with her or the show. I definitely won't be checking that show out.

I'm intrigued by the new X-men cartoon and they showed us the first three episodes I believe... but I'm very concerned about the lack of Gambit so.... hmm... I'll still check it out because I did enjoy X-Men Evolution even though it was lacking Gambit at first and when they did have him he wasn't in a whole lot. But I'm going to check it out in January.

And on Sunday I spent the morning in the Exhibitor's Hall with my dad. Yay for shopping!

Seriously though, this is how crowded the Exhibitor's Hall is. I do not recommend Comic Con for anyone that is claustrophobic or gets anxiety attacks in crowds. Geesh I'm not any of that but I started to be during this weekend. :-)

And look who I saw in the hall on Sunday!!! It's Number 1, (or Xanatos...) Troy, (or Demona....) and Jordi (he has no Gargoyles character... and I'm sure I spelled his character's name wrong.)

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