02 December 2008

Comic Con: Avatar

There were two things that I wanted to see at Comic Con Twilight and Avatar. And Friday night I was able to attend the Avatar panel.... and it was AWESOME!!! There were over 1600 fans in this room and we first watched the last hour of the finale and the fans were so into it... I couldn't help but get sucked into the screaming madness myself. And the creators were in the audience watching it with us.

Micheal Dante DiMartino (creator), Byran Konietzko (creator), and Director Joaguim Dos Santos were our panelists. Mike and Bryan thanked us for coming out and filling up the big room so this way they don't look stupid saying "we need the big room" & they told us that even though Avatar has ended this won't be the last Avatar panel at SDCC.

They informed us and thanked us that the Avatar finale attracted 5.6 million viewers (a record for Avatar) and placed Avatar among the top five cable shows for that week. Yay for Avatar!

Right at the beginning they showed this little clip of a cartoon of Mike and Bryan introducing everything. And the little Bryan mentioned that it was Mike's fault that Zuko didn't see his mom and we need to blame him. It was amusing. Later on someone did ask where Zuko's mom was and they never answered it! They got sidetracked and then neve came back to it!

Mike also told us that the live action movie being done by M.Night Shalayman will be a faithful retelling of Book One: Water. Yay on that!

I saw some awesome costumes while I was in line and in the room waiting for the panel.

Now there have been shipping battles throughout the life of Avatar and they're well aware that the Zutara fans weren't happy that Katara didn't end up with Zuko. So they made a forbidden love episode for those fans. They took fanart from online and put together an episode of Zutara fun. And then it ended with Katara and Aang back together with the phrase "How could we ever doubt Mike and Bryan's wisdom?"

And they judged a costume contest....

... and Appa behind Fire Lord Ozai won first place!

At the end they thanking everyone for the love. And they told us that they do see the fanart online even though some of it scares them. Also thanked the fans for watching it and showing up at the panel. And to show their appreciation they gave everyone Avatar t-shirts!!!

It was a great panel! Yay for Avatar!!!

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