16 December 2008

Vegas baby, Vegas!

Back in September I met up with my friends in Las Vegas. It wasn't just any trip it was a celebration, a birthday celebration for Erika that is. Erika turned the big 20 - 10.

We packed in a lot of activities throughout the weekend and we had a blast!

It is possible to have clean fun in the city of sin. You just have to advert your eyes and know when not to look at the ground.

Vegas trip is to be continued....


laura said...

GREAT collages!! Looks like a fun weekend!
Next is you chica, in NEW ORLEANS!!! :-)

erika said...

Hey Steph! I've never seen your blog before- it is awesome, you are so creative!!! I love all the pictures you've posted with your new camera!
Anyway, I was just looking at our Vegas trip, that was so much fun... I wish I could go to New Orleans too, I know you guys will have so much fun!!!