17 December 2008

Vegas baby, Vegas..... Part 2

More memories from Vegas. We took Coco-Cola world by storm!

At this table Jenn tried her hardest to go cross-eyed, but couldn't. It sure gave us a hard laugh but it's so hard to explain on a blog.... but believe me, we were dying with laughter!

Every girl needs to own a boa! So how could we not have a little boa party to celebrate?
Man... I miss these girls!

I had to see the Waters of Belagio, the last time I missed them because I got sick from sun exposure and little water. (I know it was dumb) So I was excited to finally be able to catch them this time.

The following pictures were taken from the car. We were at a red light enjoying this show so much! The song was "I am Proud to be an American." We were singing along and rocking out with our windows down, needless to say some people on the streets were staring at us, but whatever! We were in the zone! That was the best red light I ever stopped at.

Next is the final installment - Phantom of the Opera....

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laura said...

Looks like SO much fun! I know you laughed all weekend. How can you not with those girls? :-)