09 January 2009

Fishlens Camera

I bought a fishlens camera and I've been having fun taking all different types of pictures. But it's old skool which means 35 mm... I don't know how the pictures turn out until they get developed.

I'm currently wasting my roll of film just so I can see how the pictures turn out.

There are two things that I found amusing in the instructions.

1. Before shooting remove the lens cap. (Really? Someone needs to be told that?)

2. Don't worry about the viewfinder because it's useless (really? then why did you bother to put it on there?)

The lens is so wide that it interferes with the view finder. I can't wait to see these pictures!

I took Laird's picture and then he asks me, "Can I see it?" After I told him that we can't see it he looked at me like I was dumb...

1 comment:

laura said...

I can't wait to see those photos! And, I'm even more excited for our Holga cameras to come!!