08 January 2009

Memory Lane deux

Memories of the Great Saiyaman crack me up! Emi was awesome and memorized the rap that he did in the shows. And the funniest thing is she didn't mind rapping in public. I cried from laughing so hard back then and I still cry from laughing hard today.

After NDK 2003 (Denver, CO) we stopped off at Tychou & Emi's house to rest since their parent's were about the half way mark. Their little sister went to school late and we thought it would be funny if the Great Saiyaman took her to school. The teacher didn't find it nearly as funny as we did.

We were able to meet with Vic Mignogna who at that time was a new voice actor and did the voice of Gawl from Generator Gawl (LOVE that show!) but he is even more popular now at conventions since he voiced Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist (another show that I love!)

Ah memories, that was a good convention year; that was the year we met Ryuhou. He's another story all on his own....


laura said...

Hilarious!!! AND, Vic looks like a hottie!!

Kuri-su-ten said...

You know it's interesting how many people don't think it's fun to do odd things like that in public lol, I love it and my boyfriend doesn't, he hides if my friends do something like that in public but I think it's great.