09 January 2009

Fun with glow sticks!

Tripods + manual settings (a.k.a. slower shutter speeds) + glow sticks = MUCH fun!
This was so much fun!

Experimented with flashlights

I'm performing the snake arms from belly dancing

S for Stephanie!

Self portrait. Rock on!!!

I experimented with my sister and you can find her photos here on her blog.


laura said...

Your "S" is the coolest!!!! I LOVE that photo! It was so much fun. I can't wait for us to play with the glowsticks with the boys too!

5Youngers said...

Awesome photos. Looks like you had tons of fun.

Nancy said...

I LOVE your "S" !!!! I actually like all the pictures. You're awesome Stepher!!!! :-)

The Farrs said...

I'm glad you included your blog address in your last email! You're having too much fun with your camera! I love it.