14 January 2009

Me & Holga - new BFFs

You may be wondering, "Who is Holga?" Why let me tell you!

"the holga is anti-technology! it produces images with soul; images strikingly different to the sterile, pin-sharp, perfectly-exposed digital shots that we seem to be suffocated with these days" ~jonee

"i love how people don't care too much about what you're photographing - when your camera looks like you stole it off your little sister." ~goon

"the way people look at you when you're shooting with a taped up plastic toy" ~brianmilo

Yes that is my Holga. I've only done one experimental photo trip with it but I've had fun and can't wait to do more!

I went out with Laura (view her photos here) today and for your viewing pleasure - the fruits of my experiment:

These are my favorite shots of the experiment!


laura said...

It was so much fun playing with our twins! I can't wait to get mine posted this weekend!

5Youngers said...

Love these pics. My favorite is the one with Laura and the camera. Looks like it was a fun outing.