28 January 2009

I was watching

Ghost Hunters International when I saw two, read it, TWO commercials that made me happy. Oh so happy! LalalalalaLAAAAAAAAAAA~

Maybe I'll need to take a picture of these commercials for the "Joy" assignment for the photography group.

Commercial #1 -

Push is rated PG-13 and opens February 6th! I'm SO going to this, I've already penciled it on my calendar. Does anyone else want to come with me? I'd love not to go by myself. :-)

Commercial #2 -

I saw a commercial for Moonlight on SciFi! I'm so excited that it'll be back on TV. Except I'd be even happier if they're new episodes instead of just reruns. I SO hope there will be new episodes!


5Youngers said...

I so have to see PUSH since I saw that trailer at comic con. It looks goooood. Count me in. LET me know when and where.

laura said...

I hope Moonlight is new too!!! Yeah!!

Larry and I are going to see Push next weekend on our getaway.