07 April 2009


Image from Google Images

I'm taking an archery class! I've always wanted to learn.

At first I was horrible. The first two groups 1 out of 3 would always hit the wall. The second group went through the handle of the target to hit the wall. The instructor looked at and it said "That's never happened before." LOL

BUT I got better. None of the other groups hit the wall. My group of arrows got tighter together and by the end of class I was getting closer to the target I was looking at. (We weren't really aiming just yet. He just had us stare at a target.... aiming will come later.)

I really want a bow and arrow now... but I'm also very impulsive. But I can't practice if I don't have a bow and arrow!


5Youngers said...

Looks like FUN!

laura said...

FUN!! You're amazing!!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you got better as the class went on, just think how great you will be next class!!!!!

Ivon said...

Be careful, you can put your eye out. Oh wait, that is for a BB-gun. Have fun.