07 April 2009

Twilight Movie Tour

Back in February I did a Twilight Movie Tour with my friends. We only went to the sites that we knew of but had a blast anyways.

Well in 2 weeks I'll be doing another one. I did more research and I found the missing sites, yay! So this time it'll be a complete tour and I'm so excited!

And this tour will be so awesome because we'll have Edward with us. Edward makes anything funner.

DVD Release Party

Seeing Wicked

And photography class... which is pretty ironic that I don't have any photos of him in photography class. That could be because I was the one making him walk.... Kim I need the photos! :-)


Nancy said...

Is this the tour Laura and Sarah are going on?? Have mucho fun!!!!

Ivon said...

Sorry girls, Edward isn't real. :)