27 June 2009

April Twilight Movie tour... part two

We started day two by going up to Vancouver to visit Kadow Marina. This marina is private property there were a bunch of house boats so we respected the signs and didn't actually go down to the marina. But that didn't stop us from having a little fun on someone's trailer that has been there for awhile.
Next stop is St. Helens, where the bulk of the movie was filmed. First stop is Bella's house. We ran into a neighbor lady and chatted with her for a bit. We asked her if she got to meet any of the actors and if they were nice. She told us "He was really nice. But she.... she.... she's really young." She even told us a story - During filming the street was lined with port-o-potties and everyone would walk down to use them, honestly the street isn't that long. But Kristen, aka Bella, would call for a driver to take her down to one. Hahaha... seriously?

The owner of the house has no problems if you want to stop by and take pictures, but he does request that you stay off his lawn, garden, and do not peek in the windows. So to post a sign like that must mean people were actually walking in SOMEONE ELSE'S yard and garden and peeking into SOMEONE ELSE'S house. Talk about rude.

In "Port Angeles" aka still St. Helens the girls go dress shopping, hate to burst your bubble but it's really not a dress shop. It's a salon and the owner was an extra in the movie. If you are there and she doesn't have a client she can tell you about the filming.

Next to the Salon is the alley way, cue ominous music.
At the end of the alley is the "bookstore" (again I hate to burst your bubble but it's not really a bookstore.) And the infamous parking lot where Edward comes to the rescue and growls. Roar!

A few doors down from the Salon is a really cool shop, the shop has these sweet butterfly wings that you can see on the walls in the dress shopping scene of the movie. And the dresses that were used in that scene were purchased here. Edward is protectively watching us while we shop. (Check out my sister's post concerning this weekend and see how much fun we had in this store...)

We asked the store owner if she met any of the cast and if they were nice. She told us, "He was really nice. But she... she's just.... young you know." Hmm... sounds familiar. (In fact we got that same response from the dude at the Gelato store a few doors down.)

We even went to the stupidly named "Bloated Toad" restaurant. Seriously? Bloated Toad? Ok, maybe there were legal problems using Bella Italia since it's a real restaurant, but Bloated Toad? Seriously? Why would anyone name a restaurant that? Don't even get me started on the waitress at the stupidly named bloated toad.... agh.

Now off to Kalama High School. We're so considerate! We made sure we were trespassing on a weekend not a weekday so the kiddies can get a proper education. Don't you love Sarah's impersonation of Edward saving her from the invisible car? I sure do!

We couldn't lay awkwardly in the meadow because there were stinging nettles at Oxbow, so we did it at the High School. And of course Edward is with us... we made him as awkward as possible too!

To Be Continued....
And that ends day two because we're off to sleep at the beach. I must warn you I have no excuse for the next several pictures, all I can say is, it was late.


Ivon said...

Great pictures and I like the way you go into detail. I still think all you girls are silly. :)

Kim Despain said...

Ummmm.....again with the nettles? Seriously? :-) Great post number 2! I can hardly wait for the late night Edward pics!

5Youngers said...

Wow... I am awesome in that Edward saving Bella pic.

laura said...

AWESOME weekend!! When is September getting here for another round?