26 June 2009

Twilight Movie Tour - April trip

I'm still working on making collages of the New Orleans trip and I have a lot of pictures to weed through so I'm starting with the April Twilight Movie Tour.

Many people asked me, "You went on an actual tour?" No, I made it up and called it a tour because we were "touring" the movie sights around Oregon. Moi, was the tour guide. But they might actually have a tour group that does this but my philosophy is why pay for it when you can do it on your own?
Gift bags included:
1. A granola bar because Alice foresaw that in our excitement we'd forget to eat
2. Sparkle lip gloss that says "kiss"
3. Black bracelets cause Bella wears a black bracelet in the movie
4. The ring pop to symbolize Edward and Bella's love
5. Nail polish (either Crimson Pearl, Midnight Frost, or Black Amethyst) is due to the fact that Alice likes include nail polish with sleep overs and if you happened to get one of the black polishes, I just believe that every woman needs to own some black nail polish.
6. Fling - the tag line says "Naughty but not too naughty" how could i pass that up?

I also made program books and a red velvet fondant cake. (It was my second time decorating with fondant so it's not the prettiest thing out there.) My wonderful sister printed the drink labels which we also used on the Twizzlers. (which follows the movie theme since they eat Twizzlers a lot.) Labels were found here

Now we're ready to Rock'n Roll!!

I got Mini Edward for my birthday so he wasn't with me during my previous movie tour and I quickly learned that everything is better with Mini Edward. At one point of this trip Mini Edward started to be called Pocket Edward which is a term taken from this amazing site. (seriously check it out, the blog is hilarious!)

First stop is the paper mill which may not have been a paper mill in the movie. This is the location of the nomads first kill.
Next we're off to Clackamas Community College to check out the greenhouses used during the field trip.... shhh don't tell anyone but we went in. It's not like there was a sign that said we couldn't...

(You may have noticed that we all have the same sweatshirts, Kim had the idea to make sweatshirts. She asked all of us to come up with "Reasons we love Twilight" which basically mock Twilight, but when you love you tease. I was happy one of my ideas made it on there! Go me! Then her and Sarah worked on getting the design together for the front and back.)

Next comes lunch at Carver Cafe. If you can only make it to one movie sight, it has to be Carver Cafe. The food is delicious and the staff was awesome to us geeks. We were lucky enough to be there right in time because Charlie and Bella's table was just getting cleared~! We even used the ketchup bottles that don't squirt ketchup in the movie, but it's ok because they were a low budget film.

Most of us did a butt dance in front of the tree a'la Mike Newton, even Edward. I'm not posting my second butt dance because I posted one from my February movie tour

Down the road we went to part of the meadow scene, which deviates from my February trip. Sorry guys we were at the wrong location, it was just a bit more up the road. Behind Stone Cliff Lodge, a restaurant, is where the magic happened...
We ran into another group of girls that had Cardboard Edward, they were nice enough to let us pose with him and Cardboard Bella... we didn't do a whole lot of nice posing with cardboard Bella though.
I also discovered, after February's trip, that some other meadow scenes were shot at Oxbow Park, so we did a bit of trek out there too. Beware of the stinging nettles.... don't ask.

Off to View Point Inn - the home of the Prom. It's beautiful up there. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and not too windy. If you're familiar with the Columbia Gorge it gets pretty windy, and it's a cold wind.

After our photo shoot we drove to the Bridge of the Gods, which is used to drive Bella into Forks. We tried to search for the baseball field but some people got carsick and we weren't able to locate it. If they were true fans they would have sucked it up... Haha! just kidding. (Kim thinks she has found it and one of these days we're going to do an adventure to see if it really is the field. If it is, pictures will be posted.)

That ends Day 1. We continued to have a fun evening full of laughter and great company. But we weren't too loud because hotel security wasn't called on us.

To be continued.... (it would be too long of a post if I do everything in one. It's already freakishly long.)


laura said...

We had such a fun time on the trip!
I can't wait until September!! :-)

Kim Despain said...

Love the stinging nettles commentary....ummm...who did that happen to? Geez! Love the April trip part one....looking forward to part two. It was one of the best trips I've ever been on due to several things....the fun company, the amazing and detailed tour a la Stephanie, the fabulous food at the Carver Cafe, acting silly and having fun, the awesome sweatshirts, the new secret language and obviously I could go on and on! I, too am looking so forward to September!!!

5Youngers said...

I don't know who you are talking about getting car sick... um Whatever! JK.

I love your commentary... Great Mini Edward pics.

Such a fun trip... I can't wait until September.

Bbest BTwilight Btrip Bever!!!!

neffie said...

Oh yes... bI bhaven't bgotten bto bthe bbest bpart.... LOL

Ivon said...

Nice pictures. The cake looks familiar. Is it one of those cakes that just sit around for months? :)

Nancy said...

Viva la Twilight!!!!

Becca and fam said...

Oh my, I just love these photos! Your trip looks fun and I think all the creative photo's are just so much fun. Thanks for posting this, Phil loves the little Edward (loves meaning he rolled his eyes and laughed - but he read the book and likes it.)

Kim Despain said...

Ummm guys? Bit's bnot a bsecret if you bwrite bit in a bcomment....bjust bsayin'