30 August 2009

Beautiful Oregon Coast

So back in July some friends and I headed to the Coast for a relaxing night of roasting weenies, bonfire, and the beach. (I'm playing catch up on my trips. I'll be posting New Orleans and my recent Washington DC & New York trip shortly)

We went to a beach that I haven't been to before, it's a little south of Newport and it's BEAUTIFUL!

Can't have a bonfire without some water! I sure love water.

Can't have a weenie roast without having s'mores.

And we were able to enjoy an amazing sunset.

That's our coast trip in a nutshell. Ladies, we need to do another one.


The Steve said...

I went to the beach yesterday. Found a dead halibat, and got my toe-nail ripped...great times ^_^

Ivon said...

Stef, seems you had a grand time. Too bad Steve doesn't have a grand time too.

5Youngers said...

great pictures.

laura said...

So fun! Great photos!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Such lovely photos! I heart the Oregon coast!

The Farrs said...

Wow...I'm impressed! You just get better and better :-)