04 September 2009

I need a new challenge...

This past February my sister and I did a self-portrait challenge and I had a blast. I must say we had some amazing photos!

One of the photos from the self-portrait challenge - I'm not really THAT white.

My friend Kim and I periodically go on photo-walks and the last one we had a scavenger hunt which really helped our creativity.

This is one of the photos from my last photowalk

And I want to do another photography challenge. There still so much I want to experiment and learn with photography and these challenges will help me be more creative but will also allow me an opportunity to experiment. So now I need to decide....

What to do? That is the question.

Here are ideas found I found in an article from DPS

1. 365 Days / 52 Week Project
The most common one is a self-portrait, but since I've already done a self-portrait challenge I'd want to figure something else out. If one self portrait a day is too much then instead do one a week for 52 weeks.

2. 52 photowalks
I kind of already do this one but it's sporadic so we'd have to make a schedule. And I really like how Kim and I try to go somewhere different for each walk. (Kim remind me to tell you that Institute is changing to Wednesday nights so it's a bad night for photowalks. Belly dancing classes are on Thursday... so how does Tuesday work for you and anyone that wants to join us?)

I think I'll continue doing the photowalks but I want a different challenge... maybe a challenge within the photowalks.

3. 100 strangers
This one sounds cool yet SO out of comfort zone. The idea is to join the group on flickr... or do it without joining. Basically walk up to someone you have never met, ask them if you can take their picture, and talk to them a bit to get their back story.

4. A - Z
This is one I've already decided I wanted to even before I read this article.

You can find actually "letters" or something that represents the letter.

5. Pick-a-something
You pick something and try to get a collection of photos to represent. For instance I'd pick the color green and all of my photos that day would be of something green. Or you can pick a shape. Pick whatever you want and then photograph a collection of your selection.

6. Go Mono
I sure love black and white photography. But this can easily be added to any of the other challenges.

7. Scavenger Hunt
When we did the scavenger hunt we tried a combination of literal, conceptual, and technical. This is a good one to be combined with the photowalks.

Any suggestions for challenges?

Anyone want to do a challenge with me?


Kim Despain said...

Okay....so first off, Wednesdays are out. Tuesdays should work. And I love the challenge idea! I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt!

Kim Despain said...

Oh....and yes on the challenge. I know I implied that, but thought I should add my actual yes :-)

The Steve said...

The 100 stranger challenge will be amazing.

Ivon said...

Am I invisible?

Becca and fam said...

LOVE the 100 stranger challenge, go for that one.

laura said...

I'm in!! :-)