10 September 2009

Tomorrow is September 11

And I'll be heading off to Washington for a fun girls weekend. I'm SUPER excited, but I noticed something as I was planning this weekend.

When I first said "We're leaving September 11th..." I paused and I had a little moment of silence in my head. I didn't realize I did that, but I now realize that every time I say or think that date I have that moment of silence.

I wonder if this is what the people felt like after Pearl Harbor and the anniversary would approach. Or is it with me because I watched everything (and for several days or was weeks that they kept broadcasting the images). But that day is definitely burned into my memory. I can tell you where I was. I can tell you about the eerie silence in a crowded room that I experienced. I vividly remember September 11, 2001.

I haven't posted any of my pictures from my recent trip so I thought today would perfect to post pictures from Ground Zero.They're working on construction, they have pictures of what they're building and it's going to be very nice once they're done.

This church has been around for a very long time. George Washington was inaugurated here. And this church is very close to Ground Zero and was used as an somewhat of an HQ for the rescue workers.

The church has become a museum as to speak. The items people left along the fence, the photos for those missing, and scuff marks on the pews are some examples. It's very emotional walking through this church. The pews are scuffed up from the boots of the firemen laying on them.

If you ever make it to New York and visit Ground Zero make sure you check out the church nearby it's very moving. Of course I can't remember it's name... but it has a cemetery in front of it the middle of wall street / financial district. You can't miss it.

See ya Tuesday!


laura said...

Great post ande photos Steph!

The Steve said...

Reason I stopped watching TV. I prefer to be happy instead of sad. Another reason I didn't visit the Holocaust museum in DC. Glad you had a happy trip ^_^

Ivon said...

I hope to go to Ground Zero one of these days too. Thanks for your thoughts and feelings on this subject.