09 December 2009

Everyone needs a good laugh!

Tonight on my agenda I need to finish creating an image to screen print (the actual printing and making of item needs to be done by Friday), head to Winco to purchase food to fill 6 food boxes, and get to bed earlier since I'm fighting something.

But I'm still goofing off online.... ;-)

I really enjoyed this group's Twilight Trailer spoof and here's their New Moon one.  (Watch Alice.... she's my favorite part.  The ending is pretty good too.)

My brother found this one for me.  I crack up everytime at the end, oh Jacob!  Make sure you watch the enire thing.  (This group also did a Twilight spoof that was pretty entertaining.)  Personally I think this one is better than the previous one.  I laughed more.

This one comes from Steve and it's rather interesting.  (And funny)

Unfortunately these are the smallest size.... oh well.


Ivon said...

You are very funny. Now get busy and get everything done that needs to be done.

5Youngers said...

Oh my word that first one was HILARIOUS... Alice was my favorite part and the end... loved it. Still Laughing.

Erica Haws said...

hahaha. those were great!! i especially loved the secong video. we all need a good laugh sometimes

Ty-Chou said...

ZOMG! These were great! I died! I literally LOLed!

You should have watched it with me and Kim! We had such a great time! And there was like no one in the theater so of course we talked like all through the movie.

And Summer was drunk cuz it was her birthday. So that made it extra fun lol!