10 December 2009

Piano Recital

Tonight I had a very tough decision to make.  My two nieces were both performing at the SAME time but at DIFFERENT places

Which poses the ultimate question, who do I watch?

It was very hard but I decided to use logic, but unfortunately I'll still feel bad because logic and emotions are not compatible.  No matter who I chose there would still be someone I missed.

I have already seen Alivia perform with orchestra and choir but tonight was Madion's very first time performing at anything.  So I went to watch Madison at her piano recital.

She was very nervous for her first performance.

And she did an amazing job!


Kim Despain said...

She did do an amazing job! I was very proud of her! Great pictures!

Ivon said...

Awesome photos. I am looking forward to your movie of Madison.

laura said...

Great photo documentation! A girl after my own heart.
I wish I could have gone too! Glad it was a success!!

Nancy said...

Madison did a great job!! Even though she was nervous, she didn't show it. GREAT JOB Madison!!

5Youngers said...

Great photos!!!!! Love them! and I tried to post her video on my blog but it wouldn't upload. I will try and post it on facebook.

Sherri Jorgensen said...

Now for the next problem....how to come watch Brooke and Chelsea in their first piano recital tonight?