02 December 2009

Guess what?!

So I have a few things that I've done this year that I haven't blogged about.  And by golly I'm going to have them posted before the year is over!! (For example, I have visited 3 places that I've always wanted to visit but I haven't blogged about it yet.) 

It's my goal.  But I really suck at goals.... for example, NaNoWriMo... I didn't finish.  I was doing so good at the beginning too.  But I have learned something from this is - don't let friends visit you in November if you're participating NaNoWriMo.  LOL  (Just kidding love you guys!)  After they left I just never got back into the flow of writing and went many days without writing anything.  But that's ok. 

I'm bound to complete something I set out to do.  So I'm going to start with low expectations and post all my 2009 activities and trips in my "TO BLOG" folder before December 31st.  Here I go!

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laura said...

You're so funny!! You can do it!