03 December 2009


It's Civil War today!
Are you a Duck or a Beaver? (Or can you careless?) 
I wonder if my Aunt and Uncle are going to be at the game... they're BIG Duck fans.

(I drew this picture a couple years ago but colored it last year and I wanted to use it today.)
As the Hulk would say... "It's clobberin time!"


Ivon said...

Awesome art. Yes, your aunt and uncle will be at the game. They have season tickets for all games in Eugene.

5Youngers said...

I love that drawing.... hilarious!

laura said...

Great drawing you studette. I don't care but i'm glad the ducks won for Dennis and Mary :-)
I like the beaver's colors but I like ducks better than beavers. Too bad ducks can't have black and orange!

Kim Despain said...

This is awesome! And I agree....Beavers do have the better colors. Of course, orange has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember.