14 December 2010

Dr. Who obsession

A cute little 5 year-old girl told me a joke at Thanksgiving dinner:

Girl "Knock, knock"
Me "Who's there?"
Girl "Doctor"
Me "Doctor who?"
Girl "That's a TV show!"

I didn't say it was a funny joke, but it was hilarious to this cute little girl.

(You have been warned now - this is a geek post)

For years I've had friends discussing this show called Doctor Who, then I moved to Scotland and I saw an episode on the tele and I was hooked.

They were showing reruns and I came in the middle of the series 3 and I loved it! Shortly afterwards Amanda wrote a blog post about the show and I was like "Yay, another Dr. Who fan!"

I'm sure I've mentioned before about my obsessive personality, so I continued to watch it on the tele but I wanted to watch it from the beginning (the new series that is not from the VERY beginning).
  • Between the tele, internet, and renting the DVDs I've almost seen it all. Of course it's been a bit backwards. I've seen half of series 1, 2, and 3. All of series 4 except for the 4 specials and all of series 5. But here are my thoughts:
  • If you see pictures of the 9th Dr (who is the first of the new series) it looks like he would be a tough guy but then he's not. I found it funny. Maybe it's the leather jacket?
  • Early Rose annoys me. Really annoys me.I liked Rose at the end of series 4, but not early Rose because she's annoying. She wasn't as annoying at the beginning of series 2 - so I'm hopeful that she gets less annoying soon. But it reminds me of NCIS - I first started watching it with Zeva and when I watched the early episodes I didn't like Kate because she wasn't Zeva. Early Rose isn't Martha Jones (she was the companion in the episodes I started with).
  • Donna Noble is the BEST! (and hilarious!) I really liked how there was no romantic complications between her and the Dr. She's just awesome. Oi, space boy!
  • The 10th Dr is adorable. I love his smile and I bet almost all female fans are in love with him.

  • I absolutely love the new doctor and series 5. I think it was brilliant and was the best series so far. And I really like the companion, Amy Pond. Hmm, maybe it's the red hair that makes awesome characters because Donna Noble has red hair. Can't wait to watch the Christmas special and the new series.
Ok, I think I'm done geeking out for the moment.


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Nancy said...

I'm glad you're enjoying seeing the "Dr." heehee

mandahugnkiss said...

LOVE this post! And I reread my old post... It was so funny! Yay for The Doctor!

Ivon said...

Dr. Who? How did he get that name? Love you.

Mairi said...

Absolutely loved reading this. :)
I'm currently obsessed with Matt Smith.

neffie said...

Thanks Mairi! Yeah Matt Smith is amazing! :-)