15 December 2010

I want this

book, A Secret Gift.

I read an article about this book the other day and I was immediately intrigued.

The author was given a suitcase, which was labeled "memoirs", by his mother. The suitcase contained several letters written on the same day during The Great Depression to a Mr. B. Virdot. After some research, he discovered that his grandfather had taken out an advert in the local paper on 18 December 1933 under the name of Mr. B. Virdot:

In Consideration of the White Collar Man!

Suppose if I were confronted with an economic situation where the bread of tomorrow is the problem of today - there is a question in my mind if I would accept charity directly offered by welfare organizations. I know there are hundreds of men that are confronted with economic problems and think, feel and act the same way.

To men or families in such position the maker of this offer, who will remain unknown to the very end, will be glad if he is given the opportunity to help from 50 to 75 such families so they will be able to spend a merry and joyful Christmas.

To such men or families that will request such financial aid, the writer pledges that their identity will never be revealed. Please write:

B. Virdot, General Delivery, Canton, Ohio

In writing, please familiarize me with your true circumstances and financial aid will be promptly sent.

But the author wasn't done, he continued to research why his grandfather did this, who wrote the letters, and to find out what this small gift did for these families in need.

PS -
Family, can we say care package? (LOL just kidding! or am I?)


Jen said...

This sounds like a great book! I'm gonna go snag me a copy.

Nancy said...

It sounds like an interesting book, it kind of pricks your interest......
Your care package (Christmas box) is on its way ;)

Kim said...

That's a pretty cool concept ~ kind of like a "pay it forward" before it's time

Laura said...

Sounds awesome!

mandahugnkiss said...

That sounds fantastic! thanks for sharing.

The Mulligan Family said...

I read that article on the Ancestry.com website the other day too! Loved it. What an incredible gift.