17 January 2011

Country walking

On a previous country walk I saw a sign about a public footpath to the Nethan Walkway. I didn't go explore it cause I was exploring another area that day. But I always meant to go back.

Finally I went back. Dodged the cars down the country road and finally made it to the footpath. I followed the sign but I'm confused because what I'm walking on is obviously used by cars and it's a tiny dirt road - basically if a car comes there's nowhere for me to go. But I do a little more walking and then I see some farm homes.

This isn't a footpath it's a driveway! I turned back around feeling jipped. I checked the sign and it's definitely telling me to go up the driveway.... oh well!

Here's some photos I took on my country walk.


Ivon said...

Nice photos. My favorite is the 4th picture with the clouds.

Laura said...

LOVE those photos! That is hilarious about the driveway. :-)

Nancy said...

Great photos, of course you always have good pictures!! You have the "eye" like your sister :) I love you!!