19 January 2011

Yesterday was Tuesday

Hola! Yesterday was Tuesday and that meant my first jewelry making class. I figured since I had to go up to Glasgow for the class I might as well cross some things off my "tourist list." So enjoy some more photos of Glasgow:

My list included a trip to the Gallery of Modern Art. I have concluded I don't understand modern art. It's the stupidest stuff and I don't get why it's "art." Give me the classics any day!

And then it was time for my jewelry class! I didn't know if the class was working with metals or stringing beads & working with jump rings. I was really hoping for metals (I love working with metal.) Yes I've made bracelets and necklaces before but I made everything up as I went, I figured learning fundamentals wouldn't be too bad.

And look - I made a sterling silver ring!

If you're wondering "Stephanie why do you keep wearing your bangs puffed up like that?" It's because my bangs are freakishly long.... (they need to be cut so bad!)


Ivon said...

Great pictures. I like the old and the new. Your sky picture in the building windows is my favorite. Tell us more about your ring. Did you melt and pour into a old? When I was in high school, I gave you mom a stainless steel ring made out of a bolt. :)
Love you.

Kim said...

Love the pics and the ring! And I think your hair looks cute like that!

Nancy said...

I would love to visit Glagow sometime before I die!!
If I was with you now I'd give your bangs (fringe) a good trim ;)

Heather said...

Great pictures. I also really like the one of the building reflecting the sky. So cool with the bare branches framing it!

Lesley Ann said...

The statue is missing his token "road-cone hat". :( it's not the same without it lol xx