07 January 2011

I really want...

to do a segway tour. I think they're hilarious!

via Google Images

I saw a tour in Washington DC crossing the street and they were like little ducks, all in a line following the momma duck. Cracked me up!

Wouldn't that be hilarious going through Paris in a line of segways. Is it just me that finds that funny?

But when I started looking into it I realized it wouldn't be as funny if it was just me. I think this needs to be saved for when I'm on a trip with a group of friends - that's when you can get the awesome pictures!


Laura said...

That would be awwwwwwesome!!

Ivon said...

It would be a lot of fun.

Nancy said...

Things are always better when shared with friends! You would have so much fun on these ;)

Helen said...

that looks like so much fun! Now I will have to add that to my bucket-list.

I would have to add racing-car sound effects though, so if it was a group of strangers I might be lynched