09 January 2011

Oi, oi, oi....

Last night I made a jean skirt because I've been searching for one and couldn't find one. I completely laid out my church outfit down to the boots. Then this morning I couldn't wake up.

It was like my body just completely shut down. It was strange. This has happened to an extent before, but never like this.

On a trip to Hawaii, Miriam and I took a nap after an EARLY morning dolphin excursion. Of course that could have been because we had to wake up early, because I got a little sick on the rough ocean waters, or because my face was swelling. (Yes, when I woke up that night my forehead, cheeks, and nose all ran into each other - there was no definition. I told Miriam I just needed to shave my head and paint dots on myself and I'd be alien.) So granted, sleeping that day away may have had other factors.

In Egypt after my air conditioner was fixed in the hotel and the fixer guy wasn't leaving. He taught me some arabic, which I can't remember today, and showed me a picture of his wife.... now that I think about I think he wanted a tip. After I got him out I decided to take a quick nap before dinner but I didn't wake up until the next morning. This wasn't really sleeping the day away just going to bed early though.

Like I said - it was to an extent.

So back to today. Did I wake up a couple hours later? Nope. I woke up an hour ago at 5:30. I slept the day away.

The good news is, I'm hoping this will help me get my sleeping schedule back on track since it's been way off for the last two weeks.

Also in good news, you know how you have really weird dreams when you sleep too much? Well I had one. Even though it was strange it was a really good look at myself and some of the ingrained shy habits that I have wanted to change for awhile. It was something I needed to see. Aren't brains amazing?!

I'm not going into details now because I'm still processing it. Give me a break I've only been up for an hour. LOL


Nancy said...

I'm glad you're all caught up on your sleep now ;) It was fun talking to you on Skype again!!

Kim said...

Wow you must've really needed some sleep!! I bet the skirt is so cute...are you going to post pics?

Sherri said...

I want to see pictures too!
I could use some major sleep right now! =)

Laura said...

You're awesome! This post made me smile :-)
Can't wait to see your skirt and so glad you got lots of shut eye!!
Love you & I hope to get the web cam working soon. So frustrating! :-(

Ivon said...

I am having trouble sleeping. I went to bed at 1:30 AM, and up at 6 am. It is funny, my body wants to sleep when I am at my computer desk, and then I can't sleep in bed. What's up? Love you.