23 January 2011

Voice of Reason...

I know I'm not the only one with an inner monologue.

And you know what? Sometimes I make life more difficult than it needs to be. During those times when I'm stressing out at all the different options / ways to go, and I'm not able to pick one because there are too many options that are drawing my attention. Hence - me stressing myself out.

That is when my voice of reason comes to me.

My voice of reason is able to interrupt all my thoughts with one word, "Dude." Once my mind is silent my voice of reason continues with the simple answer.

You know, I often make things so complicated that I don't see the simple answer. And yes, my voice of reason ALWAYS starts with, "Dude."

What does the word your voice of reason starts with?


Nancy said...

Dude!!! I'm glad your voice of reason snaps you out of it. My voice of reason? I don't have one, after all these years I just think things through and what would be the easiest.....maybe i'm lazy?!? If I am, it works for me ;)

Laura said...

Seriously?! That's my word. I love 'dude' too. Living with a man clan, I use it a lot :-)

I love you!!

Helen said...

I think your voice of reason should give mine a talking-to, mine lets me carry on stressing!