02 February 2011


I had a surprise on Monday! Laura had mailed me a Valentine's day package! Yay!

Enclosed were letters from my nephews, photos, vegan sugar cookies, and other snackies

I placed the heart sign on my door, but I wasn't able to fit the letters on there so I placed them on the wall next to the door.

I added the photos to my memory wall.

This package made my day!

And later that day I played with the mustache and lips...

Hahaha~ This photo cracks me up!


Lesley Ann said...

Aw wow, I love your memory wall!!

Becca and fam said...

I too love your memory wall, and your beautiful red juicy lips. Gorgeous!

Katie said...

Who is that HOTT babe with those ruby red luscious lips!??! I LOVE YOUR memory wall. I think I'm going to do the same thing!

Laura said...

I'm so glad that it got there and the cookies were fresh! :-)
LOVING the pictures! I can't wait to post ours too! Those little babies are just too much fun!

Kim said...

Yay you got your package! Love the moustache and lips!!

Charlene said...

Yay! You got to celebrate Tom's birthday remotely!

The memory wall is a great idea! :)

Ivon said...

Nice lips, youngin! Love you.