28 March 2011

Berlin Trip

So I'm going to head over to Berlin for a couple of days. I planned this trip to see the Nefertiti bust in person.

Image from Wikepedia

I'm a bit of a nerd.

But there's something to actually seeing pieces of art that you've grown up seeing in books.... does that make any sense?

I'm excited, but at the same time a wee bit nervous. This is my first time going by myself to a country where English is not the language. Some of you may say "But you went to Egypt."

1. I wasn't by myself I was with a tour and
2. we had a bilingual tour guide the whole time.
So, that's different.


Ardith Haws said...

What a great opportunity! I certainly understand the thrill of seeing masterpieces firsthand. You will always be glad you took this leap of faith.

Nancy said...

Go and just enjoy every second you are there. It seems there is always one person in the crowd that speaks English. While you're there are you going to see where the Berlin wall once stood?

Kim said...

It's definitely not nerdy to want to see Egyptian antiquities!! What a fun trip!

Sherri said...

That is not even close to nerdy...its way cool! I am loving all your adventures and finding myself just a bit jealous...or a lot! =0