26 March 2011


So this past week I've been watching the show Bridezillas. I never did catch it back home, but I've been watching a couple episodes and I must say it kinda annoys me. I want to slap sense into these people that are this self-centered! And it's not just the wedding that makes them like this because when they talk about themselves they say they always get everything their own way. Oh.my.goodness

I do wonder though, do they watch their episode afterwards? And how do they feel when they see themselves in action?

Anyways, the point of this is that I heard the funniest thing - this one couple, which I think were from Georgia, were heading to the church to take photos a half hour before the ceremony, but practically everyone was there already. And the bride of course is freaking out and she says "Why aren't they on black-people time?" Then the maid of honor is talking to the camera and explaining the events and she says, "We had expected everyone to be on black people time, but no, they were on white people time and came early." I was just dying from laughter! it was so funny.

But I can relate because whenever I planned any church activities I would think "Is it important that they show-up on time?" If it was then I would announce 15-mins prior to the actual time. If it wan't important I'd announce the actual time but know that no-one will be there until 15 minutes later. :-)


Ivon said...

Silly show. I have never seen it either. Love you.

Sherri said...

I have not seen it....probably because I don't have a TV!
I am sure it's a crack up!