09 March 2011

Interrupting the scheduled posts to vent... or mock

So I'm watching "Hogan Knows Best" because there is absolutely nothing on and it's stupid! (I'll find something else to watch when nothing else is on)

They wanted to go to six flags but they can never enjoy it because they're always mobbed. It was even said "to be a normal person for one day would be great" or something like that. So they put on disguises to achieve this. And guess what? They weren't happy and complained about it because they had to wait in line and people treated them differently. Oh, the hardships of being "normal"!

They were so ANNOYING in disguise. They were loud and tried to get attention in other ways. Like the one chick (Brooke?) asked people what they thought of the real her. Now that's sad.

Surprisingly enough they couldn't take not being in disguise, so they revealed themselves to the lucky masses. And once their self-esteem and worth were raised again, by the masses taking their pictures and asking for autographs, they happily left saying how nice it was being in disguise and not mobbed all day long.

Gag me.

On another note, I'm really sick of seeing the new Lady Gaga music video. And the song reminds me of Madonna's Express Yourself. Anyone else or is it just me?

I think it's time for me to go to bed because I'm obviously cranky. :-)


Laura said...

You're funny. I love you.

Kim said...

I think you just reminded me of Madonna's Express Yourself....because you sure did! :-)