10 March 2011

London Birthday Trip 05

I'm in love with Greenwich. Here's some photos so you can see why.

Yes.... I was a bad girl and had this for breakfast / lunch (which I guess would make that brunch) before I visited the Royal Observatory.

I'm standing on the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere at the SAME TIME!! Wahoo!

This part of a meteorite I'm touching is 4.5 billion years old! Pretty sweet.

I went to visit the Greenwich Market and found the coolest souvenir! It's a ring made from an 1899 sterling silver spoon. (I stood there for awhile and the people weren't moving so I thought "Fine be in my photo." I actually like it with people in it....)

St. Paul's Cathedral

This is the cathedral from the Tower Bridge.


Kim said...

LOVE all your pics, especially the last one...fantastic shot!!

Nancy said...

This last picture is amazing!! When you come home will you print this for me so I can frame it? Love you.....49 days ;)

neffie said...

Ah, thanks guys!

Sherri said...

I look forward to all of your photos...I love to see all the great places that your visiting! Keep them coming!

Laura said...

Love that last photo! L.O.V.E.!

I can't wait to see your ring. Sounds amazing!

Love you!

Ivon said...

I like all the photos, but I must say the last one is a framer. Love you.