06 March 2011

London Birthday Trip 01

I have narrowed down my pictures... but it's still going to take a couple of posts. Hope you enjoy.

Oh the art gallery. I saw amazing pieces of art here and several were pieces I've seen in my art and art history classes. It was wonderful.

I stayed in a hostel in the Borough area. It was a cool area and they have this nifty Borough Market during the weekend which was pretty cool. There was a shop that sold these huge things of cheese.

There were several street performers along the river front.


Kim said...

Love your pictures!! It may be a huge city, but London has so much character.

Sherri said...

I love that you take us on your journey!
This will be a birthday you will never forget!

Becca and fam said...

Your pictures are AWESOME!!!

Ivon said...

Such a great birthday trip. You pictures are amazing. Don't but the big roll of cheese. Love you.

Nancy said...

Such a wonderful birthday present to yourself!! This one will be hard to top ;)

Laura said...

Happy birthday to you! What a great trip!! Love you!