07 March 2011

London Birthday Trip 02

I met Karen (she use to babysit me when my family lived in London) for lunch and then we went to the British Museum together. It was a blast. We had great history discussions in the museum. It was great!

I saw the Rosetta Stone!!!!! Among other great things.

I did a quick visit to Chinatown while I waited for the theatre doors to open.

I saw Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre and it was amazing! I sat next to these two ladies from Newcastle that were seeing it for the first time. During the intermission holding their kleenexes told me that 'that was quite emotional.' As the lights dimmed I thought I should have told them "You should wait til the 2nd part." I want to see it again!

A memorial to Shakespeare is in the Southwark Cathedral. It was a beautiful cathedral.

Westminster Abbey

I didn't go inside Westminster Abby because the entrance fee was like 17 quid or something close to that - whatever it was, it was outrageous.


Becca and fam said...

What fun! I love that you met your babysitter, so cool!

Kim said...

Love your pics! And I concur with Becca....how cool to meet someone who "knew you when."

Westminster's spendy, but so amazing!! To see where Chaucer is interred, to an English lit major, was pretty awesome!

Ivon said...

Awesome pictures. Les Miserables is a great play. I want to see it again. Love you.

Nancy said...

You're making me want to go back there so much!! I want to see all these things with you as an adult!!!!

Laura said...

I'm in love with it all!
AND, you got to see Karen! Yay!!