07 April 2011

Do NOT buy from Cheaptickets

You may be looking for a deal but avoid this website like the plague! My friend bought tickets from them to meet me in Scotland and from there we were going to travel to Italy and Paris. But a week before she leaves they cancel the flight.

Are they getting her a new flight? Nope.

Are they refunding her the money? Nope.

They say it's a non-refundable ticket so she isn't getting a refund. Non-refundable is if the consumer cancels not the company! That is so wrong. Unethical business practices make me livid.

I'm always looking for a deal to travel (because I love traveling) so I have a list of sites that I use and I'm telling you now this site will no longer be one of them. It has already been removed from my bookmarks along with Orbitz because Orbitz is their parent company.

Right now I wish my blog was one of those blogs with thousands and thousands of readers because there's power in the internet. It is possible to receive a just resolution from a business if there's repercussion online from bloggers and twitter people spreading the word of their misdeeds.

So pass the boycott along if you agree with not dealing with unethical greedy businesses.

Thank you

Edit: So there isn't anymore confusion I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about my friend who is flying from the states to Scotland, therefore she used cheap tickets to purchase that flight. Once in the EU we did not use either sites to get around because I know better, in other words I have learned cheap EU ways since arriving. :-)


Josh and Jennifer Norman said...

Wow! That's ridiculous! I would tell your friend to contact the BBB about this one. I won't be looking at cheaptickets.com or orbitz from now on.

Anonymous said...

Looking for good deals to travel around Europe on sites like orbitz, cheaptickets, expedia, kayak, etc., is definitely the worst and most expensive decision a travel lover could ever make. The only way to travel cheap and confortable within the EU is flying with a low fare airline like Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet, AirBerlin, BMIBaby, etc.

A travel lover should know that planning a trip within the EU using these sites will pay £200 or £300 more than planing a trip using a low fare airline.

neffie said...

Dear Anonymous,

My list of travel bookmarks started from traveling through the states - therefore Orbitz and Cheaptickets are on that list. Since coming to Scotland that list has expanded to include the EU budget airlines (I wish we had cheap airlines like this in the states. If anyone knows any besides Southwest please share).

My friend is coming from the states and therefore used a cheap site from the states to purchase her ticket. Once she's in the EU I used the budget airlines to get us around.

I felt the need to explain that because I felt I was being mocked by you. Not sure if that was your intention or not.

Ivon said...

What is your friend going to do? Is she still coming to visit? Love you.

Kim said...

We loved Ryanair when we were in Sweden. So sorry about your friend. Is she able to get another flight through someone else? She should contact the BBB and see what rights she has....they should definitely refund her money.

Anonymous said...

Cheaptickets.com and Orbitz are legitimate companies. So it means one of the following:

1. These websites don't cancel flights, they don't have the power. It is the "airline" you'll be flying with.

2. You must read the fine print. Why do you think the ticket is so cheap to begin with? You can't make changes/refunds after buying these tickets, which is what I assume your friend is trying to do.

3. No one should fly almost 10,000 miles without buying directly from the airline.

4. This is a major trip, why didn't she have travelers insurance?

5. If you think it was a scam, tell your bank and you'll get your money back. As they do the investigation.

6. If your friend didn't have travelers insurance, you should. So you can change your plans in Europe and get your money back.

I've been reading your experience since you arrived. I find it interesting how little you've accomplished in such a long period of time. What a fantastic way to waste your hard earned money.

neffie said...

Dear Anonymous,

My friend is not trying to make a change, they made the change.

I'm sorry if you think I've accomplished little and wasted my money but I do not. Most of the things I've accomplished, participated in, and experienced I have not posted. Some won't be posted and some will be once I have time.

I've had an amazing personal experience these past months that I can't put money on and that's all that matters to me.

Laura said...

@anonymous. You must be a pretty miserable jellycat if you have nothing better to do than make negative comments while hiding behind anonymous. If you have issues with Stephanie's experiences and how she is sharing or not sharing them, don't read this blog. Simple as that.

mandahugnkiss said...

Dear anonymous,
Who are you to judge how much a person has accomplished? You have no idea what brought her to this point in her life. You also obviously have no understanding of what kind of courage it takes to pack up everything you own and leave behind all your loved ones in order to see the world. Courage is obviously something you do not comprehend as you don't even have enough of it to leave your name when you set forth with ridiculing others. If you don't like what you read, here is a tip: DON'T read it! Before you decide to publicly deride people, make certain you have all the facts. Do us all a favor and unless your comments have some validity or can be substantiated, keep them to yourself