07 April 2011

Here and There (8 of 30)

{Here} - My clothes have to hang on a dryer and have to be out drying at least for a whole day. My socks have their own hanger/dryer. (Purchasing a dryer here is an option but the cost to run them is expensive and sometimes your place may not have the room for one)

{There} - Laura has this lovely machine that can dry a load of laundry in about an hour or hour and a half and the lint gets removed! Don't take the lint removal for granted!! Yes you may still have to use the lint roller on some items but it's not as bad as when you hang your clothes to dry. And if you're unable to find a lint roller you have to roll up tape around your hand .... and it takes forever because you have to do it to every stinkin piece.


Sherri said...

I have to have a dryer, who else am I going to blame my clothes not fitting on! We never take credit...like I'm gaining weight...it's always the dryers fault!

neffie said...

Sherri, you crack me up! :-)