10 April 2011

Here and There (11 of 30)

What's in a word?

{Here} - Biscuit

{There} - Biscuit

Yes, the same word but definitely not the same THING.

PS - the biscuits I'm eating right now are so good! Yum yum yum..... but of course by the time this posts they will be gone.


Young People in Love said...

mmmmm I live for Biscuits! For real. Even just the word....yum in the tum!

Also, I'm really pretty sure I know you. Did you live in Oregon? Salem YSA branch???

Sherri said...

I would eat way too many biscuits...if they would just call them that here...it feels less sinful!

neffie said...

Yep we a met a wee bit ago - YSA in Oregon it was!