10 April 2011


When I visited Egypt it felt surreal and that feeling lasted for the whole 2 weeks.

When I visited London I was excited but I felt the same as when I visited New Orleans or New York City. Honestly I thought I would be more excited because London has been on the top of my "to visit" list.

But Wales.... Wales made me giddy! I have never been that giddy before visiting a place.

I had to meet the coach early in the morning so I was asleep for most of the drive, but I woke up just as we passed this contraption that reminded me of entering California and declaring "I have no fruit." I immediately wake-up getting excited that we may have just entered Wales. And sure enough the signs now have English and Cymru on them.

I'm looking around and it's breathtakingly beautiful. From that point on I was just giddy until I had to leave (and I did not want to leave).

I had explained this to my teacher when I returned and she completely understood. Wales is just gorgeous.

A lot of my ancestors are from Wales so I've contacted my sister and we have a Family History trip to Wales that we are planning.

See the sections that are a lighter color stone and have a redish line around it on the wall to Cardiff Castle? That's the original roman wall.

Oh yes, I may have attended the Dr Who Experience while I was in Cardiff.


Sherri said...

I can not get enough of your pictures...they are just too awesome!

Laura said...

I can't wait to go to Wales!!!

Nancy said...

So cool!