16 May 2011

Fun Run

I received some horrible news on my birthday this year, my cousin Jeff passed away unexpectedly. Sadly I wasn't able to attend his viewing (which was scheduled for two hours but so many people showed up that it was four hours) or funeral.

BUT I will be attending the Jeff Young Fun Run in Perry, UT this June, which is a fundraiser for Jeff's children.

There's a 5k, silent auction, bake sale, etc.... If you're itching to run/walk a 5k and can't make it to Utah you can still register and run/walk where you live!

If you would like a registration form email Kristal at ksmall84302@yahoo.com

Thank you!


Laura said...

It's going to be amazing!

Nancy said...

It will be amazing!

Kim said...

That's very cool of their town to do for them!

Sherri said...

I need to get this linked up! My computer has been down...and my laptop is fried...not good luck lately!